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Special Concert to be held for Antigua and Barbuda's Reggae Ambassador as part of ‘Thank You Mission’

Special Concert to be held for Antigua and Barbuda's Reggae Ambassador as part of ‘Thank You Mission’

The Thank You Mission is a digital platform to help artists in need

St. John’s, Antigua – Reggae lovers are in for a treat this Saturday, October 10, 2020 as Antigua and Barbuda’s Reggae Ambassador Gregory “Causion” Bailey will be performing in an hour-long television special, produced by HAMAFilms.

Causion is turning a challenging medical diagnosis into an opportunity to help others. He was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in November 2019 and has been faced with finding resources for treatment. This drove him to develop the Thank You Mission, a digital platform and brand to help artists in need.

As stated on the website: “The Thank You Mission is a humble passion project to focus on growing a powerful community of people that can help me fight the fight against cancer while giving me a way to tell my story, hear the stories of others, and help in the ways that I can, for the ones with a similar mission and battle.”

Causion’s friends and colleagues in the media and music industries across the Caribbean and beyond have made themselves available by sending messages of support to bring greater attention to the Thank You Mission. Among them, veteran journalist and Managing Director of the Jamaica Observer Julian Rogers, Richie Daley, and Cat Coore, members of Third World the musical group he has been touring with for several years.

Sharon Gordon, a PanAfricanist and Co-founder of the Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music said she has known the artists since the early 90s when they worked in New York. She called the initiative “very timely and necessary.”

“This thank you mission is just that. A way for all of us to say thank you to artists like Causion who find themselves in this situation. Illness knows no class or culture,” Gordon said.

HAMAFilms Antigua has produced a one-hour special featuring Causion, performing his original songs. It was recorded on the island of his birth Antigua and Barbuda. Causion continues to give back and says the Thank You Mission is a way for him to express his gratitude to his fans and for life.

"Gregory "Causion" Bailey has been a friend and colleague for 30 years. His commitment to his art and music is unquestionable along with his loyalty to his friends. In the midst of this diagnosis of stage 3 cancer, Causion remained committed to working with us on our film Deep Blue and he continues to give to others. That is what the Thank You Mission is all about. While we assist Causion, his intention is to have a platform that will continue to help other artists who need financial assistance for medical expenses," HAMAFilms Producer Mitzi Allen shared.

Fellow musicians based in Antigua rallied to make the concert a reality. Bass player Devon “Bugs” Emanuel also serves as the show’s Music Director. Guitarist Adjani, M-16 on Drums, Remo the Engineer, and backup singer Simone Gordon, who regularly tours with Causion, flew to Antigua to be a part of the Special Concert.

The event is made possible with the support from local media houses Observer, ZDK ABS Radio/TV and Vybz FM. Additional support provided by the Management and Staff of the Catamaran Hotel and Kennedy’s Club Ltd.

Viewers are encouraged to visit to donate via PayPal or CashApp. Depending on your contribution, you will receive Causion stickers, Thank You T-shirts, bracelets, or music.


Thank You Mission: Special Concert for Antigua and Barbuda's Reggae Ambassador

Saturday 10 October 2020 │ 7:30 pm (Eastern Daylight Time)


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Nerissa Golden Media Strategist and Storyteller
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