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OECS Family Launches 195in365 Global Environmental Initiative

OECS Family Launches 195in365 Global Environmental Initiative

Media Release Courtesy Grenada's Ministry of Tourism, and Environment and Tourism Authority

A Grenadian young woman and her family with support of local organizations have launched a global environmental initiative dubbed 195in365, aimed at bringing worldwide attention to climate change impacts, loss of biodiversity, plastic pollution, the earths regenerative capacity, and the urgent need for transformative action.

The movement will journey to 195 countries in 365 days, making each day noteworthy through valuable learning and sharing, and motivating others in the quest to improving our planet. This 195in365 journey is carded to start on the first day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP27) in  November 2022, and will continue until the start of COP28. 

This global movement founded by daughter and dad, Jovana and Johann Hoschtialek and family was launched at the Rainbow Inn in Grenville, St. Andrews, Grenada as part of World Environment Day activities with representatives of local environmental organizations in attendance. Addressing the launch, Johann Hoschtialek said, “this movement lies deep in my heart as a father who wants to secure a future for his children.”

The special symbol of this movement is a football that will make its journey around the world with the group. It was created to resemble a symbol synonymous with the isle of spice, the nutmeg, while simultaneously representing countries around the globe. This special nutmeg football was painted by 16-year-old Jovana Hoschtialek and she said,

“We want to leave something memorable that people can remember us by. We need to be the generation that changes everything in the hope that future generations get to enjoy what we have now.”

Dr. Spencer Thomas who joined the launch via zoom from Bonn Germany at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change said he believes this movement is important in shedding light on the issues facing our environment. He added,

“We applaud this massive effort of bringing global attention to the planet’s regenerative capacity. We applaud the mission’s scale as transformative. We must act now because we do not have a planet B.”

Head of the Environment Division in the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Climate Resilience and the Environment Aria St. Louis placed her full support behind the initiative saying,

“Let us be inspired by this action to do our part for ourselves and for future generations to come. Now is the time to make a choice to value your environment differently, so that it can support your way of life.”

Head of Project, Climate- Resilient Water Sector in Grenada, Dr. Hans Werner Theisen endorsed 195in365 and shared with the audience the importance of water as a resource. He said,

“Everyone thinks we have enough water, but we do not. I looked at the data and in the last 30 years, the dry months became 10% drier. Therefore, we can see already the effects of climate change. We have to prepare for that.”

Vice President of the Grenada Principals Association, Samantha Antoine Purcell said she was happy that young people would be part of the movement. She further stated that education is key if we want to make meaningful changes.  

The launch of 195in365 was supported by the Rainbow Inn, Flow Grenada, Grenada Tourism Authority, SPECTO, and many others. It is a registered environmental advocacy enterprise aimed at stimulating thought and action through awareness, education, and mobilization. Each country visited will be recognized and gifted with a nutmeg globe football signifying the pledge to improve our environment for generations to come. The main mode of transportation during this journey will be large electric solar panel RVs, driven by the young, experienced members of the team, as the movement advocates for the use of renewable energy. 

"The OECS Biodiversity and Ecosystems Management unit commends the example set by a young person to bring awareness of the global impacts of Climate Change, pollution and species and habitat destruction and specifically the resulting loss of biodiversity in the Eastern Caribbean region. We therefore encourage other OECS Member States to support the 195 in 365 initiative." - Joan Norville, Programme Director, Biodiversity and Ecosystems Management - 

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Joan John-Norville Biodiversity and Ecosystems Management Coordinator, Environmental Sustainability Cluster, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
OECS Communications Unit Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
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