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Martinique now has a territorial hymn and flag for sports, cultural and international events

Martinique now has a territorial hymn and flag for sports, cultural and international events

Media Release from the Collectivity of Martinique

Martinique’s new territorial hymn and flag for sports, cultural and international events were presented to sports leagues, cultural associations and international bodies on Friday, May 10, 2019, at the Martinique Institute of Sport.

The unveiling ceremony began with an opening speech by the President of the Executive Council of the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique, Alfred Marie-Jeanne, who paid tribute to Germain Sumbo – a passionate ambassador of Martinique, who has consistently advocated for Martinique to have distinctive symbols.

From the very first minutes of the ceremony, President Alfred Marie-Jeanne explained:

This anthem and flag [...] are neither political emblems nor ideological markers. The hymn and flag are not national emblems. It would be nonsensical. This hymn and flag are not intended to oppose other existing emblems. This would be vanity.

On the other hand, this hymn and this flag are symbols of identification of our territory and represent our delegations in culture, sports and institutional areas on the international level. They are meant to be the banner around which we gather, because they reach consensus.


Click here to access the full speech of President Alfred Marie-Jeanne (french version)

During the first part of the ceremony preceding the unveiling of the territorial anthem and the flag, the representatives of various sporting leagues and cultural associations were able to testify to the real need to adopt specific representation signs for Martinique:

“This is a great day for us. Thanks to the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique for correcting this oversight. We are proud,” President of the Volley Ball League Ronald Remia said.


“A victory for the sport movement of Martinique,” President of the Olympic and Sports Territorial Committee, Pierre-Michel Mergirie said.


“I am here to testify that it is necessary to have a [territorial] flag for Martinique,” President of the Grand Ballet of Martinique Suzon Sainte-Rose said.


“It is essential that others are able to identify us,” President of the Plastic System Band, Joël Jakaria said.


“An identity requirement so that we are no longer drowned in an unidentifiable mass. This step was indispensable,” President of the Martinique Football League Samuel Perreau said.


“Today, May 10, 2019, is a real opportunity to mark history and a reason for all of you to celebrate together,” Programme Officer at the Regional Integration Unit of the OECS Clarence Henry said.

The ceremony was also an opportunity for President Alfred Marie Jeanne to thank the members of the selection boards for their over four-month investment.

The simultaneous unveiling of the territorial flag and the anthem

Very solemnly, the assembly witnessed the very first performance of the anthem in public and the raising of the flag done by Miss Martinique, Ms Olivia Luscap, and by the recipient of the CTOS Women and Sport Award, Mrs. Charlaine Marie-Jeanne.

In a moment of great emotion, the instantly adopted symbols inspired the assembly to request that the anthem be replayed a second time.

It was therefore with their flag in hand and with the anthem in mind that the representatives of sports, cultural and international bodies but also the members of the jury and other participants in the consultation, were able to discover, finally, the winners of the consultations.

Congratulations to our creators!


Laureates and winners for the hymn include:

  • 1st: Mrs Rosetta Varasse (Title: Lorizon)
  • 2nd: Mr Léon Sainte-Rose Franchine (Title: Ansanm)
  • 3rd: Mr Judes Duranty (Title: Morningtime)

Laureates and winners for the Flag include: 

  • 1st: Johnny Vigne (Design: Ipséité)
  • 2nd: Céline CELOI (Design: Flamboyant)
  • 3rd Jean-Michel ISSA (Design: Akaera)


Thanks to the involvement of a large number of stakeholders, Martinique will now be distinguished by its territorial anthem entitled "Lorizon" and by its territorial flag, which embody real symbols on the international level.



"Singularity", "Combativeness" and "Union" are the values that the author wished to transmit by designing this flag.

"I wanted Martinique to have a beautiful image, a beautiful flag. I have listed the strongest assets of Martinique. Here's the result."

Colors, shapes and symbols which represent the diversity of the territory, the talents of a people, the "Ipseity*" of Martinique (*define what is unique and singular).

With this flag, the author intends to awaken consciousness on the extraordinary inheritance which represents a real engine for the future. With a strong message: it is by being united and welded that Martinique can continue its ascent and to show its pride on the international level.

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